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"Simply stated, G. Leslie Manlove is the new Ansel Adams ..... in vivid color!"


Art collector and Grammy award-winning artist

Ralph Johnson, Principal

Earth, Wind and Fire


G. Leslie Manlove Artist’s Statement 

There is nothing more remarkable to me than the beauty that is found everywhere on Earth, in nature. I am passionate about capturing the incredible diversity. It is a joy to journey off the beaten path, an escape, if you will. These opportunities are powerful. One must have the craft and passion to capture these images to share with others. The reward, is expressing through photography the essence of the Earth and all her beauty.” 


G. Leslie Manlove Artist Bio 

Born in San Francisco Bay area, G. Leslie Manlove was raised in the Rocky Mountains. Manlove discovered photography at the age of 18 with the purchase of a Pentax film camera. While attending college in Seattle he began photographing people, seascapes and landscapes in the 1980's.

Manlove went on to capture beautiful images from around the world, including projects of USA National Parks, Camino de Santiago in Spain, Historic Western Homesteads, and a recent New Zealand “Te Waipounamu” body of work.

Photography workshops with renown artists and The Arcanum Artist Academy have been an important part of developing his photographic style and craft. G. Leslie Manlove has also had the opportunity to learn from accomplished photographers from National Geographic, Time Magazine, Magnum photo, and Washington Post.


G. Leslie Manlove, Photographic Artist 

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